1. This stuff makes me happy. #kombucha #gtssynergykombucha

    This stuff makes me happy. #kombucha #gtssynergykombucha

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    Transgender Teenage Couple Transition Together (via The Huffington Post)

    A pair of teenagers from Oklahoma might seem like your typical young couple, but their love story is unlike many others. The transgender couple actually transitioned together.

    Just two years ago, Arin Andrews and Katie Hill hadn’t transitioned yet. The two had struggled with their identities throughout childhood; Hill had struggled with bullying. Then one day they met at a trans support group, after each had begun the transitioning process, and they fell in love.

    Found this ridiculously sweet story today and wanted to share it with my followers.

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  6. This was the best part.

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    The Rolling Stones’ Asian tour. Were you there?

    The Stones are back on the road in Europe next month , and have rescheduled their Australia/ New Zealand tour, new dates here: 

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